SACRED SPACE, or Home Is Where The Wild Herbs Grow (2019 - present)


I long for wild spaces. The kind that are more and more difficult to find in Europe. The kind where nature just is, where no one’s trying to manicure it. The unbounded green spaces. Sacred spaces. Where it’s quiet and where I can be myself, uninterrupted. It’s where I know I am me. And that there is energy vibrating through the Multiverse. Heightened senses. Connections. Purpose.

A few years ago, I set out to poetically document this search as I grow older. Using an old, fully manual analog camera (Nikon F2) and black&white film felt right. Taking auto-portraits that way is a tedious process, but it allows me to slow down and make it about the sensory experiences along the way as much as it is about the final image. For these photos, I try to find spots in the otherwise well-trodden semi-urban green spaces where I can pretend I am home, in the wilderness. I connect with the land through plants, dirt, and silence. In those moments I come into being.

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