Hellas (Ελλάς) simply means 'Greece' in Ancient Greek. Curiously, the word is used in Norwegian to refer to modern-day Greece.

To many, it's a summer holiday destination with the ever-shining sun, bare rock islands, and the sea the color of one's dreams. And it is that, for sure. But it is also immeasurably more. The Pelion peninsula in the fall, with its densely forested mountain descending gently into the sea, is a place for contemplation and a healthy dose of melancholy. Winter storms are a spectacle, especially if you find yourself on one of the less-trodden islands, such as Kythira or Folegandros.

Greece takes you in and (almost) never lets go. It grows larger than life in your imagination. You may find yourself angry or tired sometimes, your senses working at maximum capacity, but you will never be indifferent.

2014-2017, iPhone 5S, edited with Mextures.

View of a boat with a glimpse below the water in Greece
Evening light on the Greek island of Folegandros
Moonrise seen from a ferry leaving Folegandros
A flock of swallows on an August even on Crete, Greece
Powerful clouds over Cretan mountains seen from water
Foggy Pelion forest in October
View of mountains across sea through a hollow cane
Layered clouds on top of an Ancient Greek building in Athens
Fog stealing over a fall forest in Pelion, Greece
A stream rushing through the forest in Pelion, Greece
Bright-orange ferns in a foggy forest in Pelion, Greece
Two seagulls chasing one another seen through old beach palm-leaf umbrellas
A plastic jetsam dinosaur against summer sky on Kythira, Greece
A winter foggy view of the beach in Chorefto, Greece
Waves crashing against large rocks in South Crete, Greece
A man looking down at a stream from a bridge in Pelion, Greece
A man underwater diving toward a rocky bottom in Chorefto, Greece
Dry bougainvillea petals blurry over mountains on Folegandros, Greece
Sunset mountains on Kythira, Greece
A hand holding a bilingual book in Greek and English at sunset
A dog barking in autumn woods in Pelion, Greece
Pink skies in Pelion, Greece seen through windshield in the rain
A hand holding a mizithropitaki against blue sky on Crete, Greece
Smooth rock formation with a hole at water's edge on Kythira, Greece
A wave crashing on the beach against bright sunshine
A man underwater wearing a wreath of berries in Chorefto, Greece
A grasshopper on a man's finger against blue sky in Greece
Winter waves crashing on the shore outside Athens, Greece
Twilight beach on Kythira, Greece
A branch of yellow and orange leaves in the woods of Pelion, Greece
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