Happiest Country, Part II

For a number of years, Denmark held the title of the world’s happiest people. I don’t know if that’s really true. After all, what is happiness? Who defines it? Is it a constant state or a series of experiences?

What I do know is that each of the following images represents a personal moment of quiet elation that could be recognized as happiness.

2015 - 2018, iphone 5S, edited with Mextures

Thin bright strip of orange sunset sky over forest in Denmark
A man submerged in the sea enjoying the sun on his face in Denmark
Midsummer fireweed flailing in the wind against pink cloud on Amager strand, Denmark
View through rained-up car window of Svendborg haven
Torrential rain pouring over Ærø, Denmark
Ferry boat en route to Svendborg from Ærø, Denmark
Onboard of evening ferry to Ærø, Denmark
Blue and green building in Vesterbro, Copenhagen
A lion's mane jelly-fish seen from the bottom of the sea in Denmark
Pollen gathered in wavy patterns on the sea's surface in Denmark
Poppies against blue sky in Jægerspris, Denmark
Rainbow over colorful buildings of Ærøskøbing, Denmark
Jupiter-like clouds over Copenhagen, Denmark
Stormy winter sky over beach cabins of Marstal, Ærø, Denmark
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